Midtown Roast: Something for Everyone

Last week we introduced a new coffee that will have a permanent place in our lineup, called Midtown Roast. While the coffee’s origin may change, its characteristics will largely be the same: notes of chocolate and fruit, balanced, rounded-out body. A good, solid, everyday cup.

Since our roasting style is lighter and highlights lively acidity and delicate flavor, we wanted to provide something a bit more accessible but still full of great flavor, especially if you are used to darker roasts. Something that would work well with automatic and manual brewing methods alike. And that’s what we’ve come up with in our Midtown Roast.

We love the name Midtown for a couple of reasons. First, we live and roast in Midtown Indianapolis, one of our favorite parts of the city. Second, the word “Midtown” evokes a sense of balance, and this captures the essence of this coffee. Accessible, yet still intriguing. Enjoy!

Available at Wildwood Market, Goose the Market, Good Earth, Agrarian, and  Safeway.

Podcast With A Couple Cooks


We recently sat down with Sonja and Alex Overhiser, also known as A Couple Cooks. They are a writer/photographer/recipe-developer couple who have a food blog and, more recently, a podcast. They're also our neighbors and only live a few houses down from us! They came last week for a visit to our roasting room, and we got to share a little bit about Blue Mind and our love of coffee for a podcast episode. In it, they also talk about homebrewing and their go-to method, the Aeropress. Additionally, we have collaborated with them for a FREE GIVEAWAY of an Aeropress and all 3 of the coffees we are currently offering, so listen carefully for details! You can stream the podcast here: "For Coffee Lovers Only." Learn how to subscribe to their podcast here: "A Couple Cooks Podcast."