Guatemala Huehuetenango Santa Barbara Xinabajul


Guatemala Huehuetenango Santa Barbara Xinabajul

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Whole Bean

Tasting notes: panela sugar and floral honey, dried stone fruits, and moderate fruited acidity

Origin: Guatemala

Region:  Santa Barbara, Huehuetenango

Producer: various small producers

Varietal: mostly Caturra

Elevation:  1700 masl

Processing: Washed 

Arrival: June 2019

Farm Gate (direct trade coffee): yes

This Guatemala coffee comes from small producers in the Santa Barbara municipality of Huehuetenango, an area with high altitude farms starting at 1500 meters and reaching 2000 in some areas. The farms where this coffee was sourced sit right around 1700 meters and are planted mostly in Caturra types. This is an area of small holders, not estates like you'd see in the lowlands. The topography wouldn't allow for sprawling farms as the hillside is jutting, and where instead small hamlets are situated in the lands carved out in the surrounding hillside that is sprinkled with countless tiny farms at a couple hectares each. Pulping and fermentation of the coffee is handled locally, and the coffee is, for the most part, patio-dried. Dry-milling happens at a mill in Huehuetenango town (this is the second year) where they are equipped with state of the art equipment, and with the infrastructure to properly handle small lots of coffee. "Xinabajul" is the name of the project/partnership we have with local coffee people to offer higher prices to farmers that meet our quality expectations in the cup.

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