An adequate local culture, among other things, keeps work within the reach of love. {Wendell Berry}

We believe love is important for doing good work. As Indiana natives, we love where we live, and we love being a part of the local culture here. We think Indianapolis is a special place, and we are excited to be a part of its burgeoning coffee culture.

We also love coffee and its mystery. Carefully roasted coffee is a work of art, with slight changes in heat and airflow and timing in the roaster making for very different results in the final cup. We never tire of roasting, brewing, or drinking great coffee.   

Last, we love how coffee enriches community. Modern life can be fragmenting, pulling us into a thousand different directions. Craft coffee does the opposite. It calls us to slow down, take in our surroundings, and pay attention to the people and everyday moments that fill out and bring richness to our lives.

Our Beans and Roasting Style

We source our beans from experts who search out the best specialty green coffee available and pay a fair price for it. We roast light to medium, with the intent to highlight the coffee’s natural origin flavor, avoiding more roasty or smoky flavors. While coffee is very versatile and everyone has their preferences, we like this approach because we feel it showcases each unique coffee’s potential and gives a very flavorful cup.

Blue Mind

Our name comes from a song by Alexi Murdoch about getting lost in the "blue deep" of reflection:

Remember when you were only a child . . . start to see with your blue mind . . . don’t be afraid of what you find.

We find that great coffee goes hand-in-hand with this feeling. It is the perfect companion for a brief escape into that place where we forget our worries and sink into our blue mind.