For Love of Slowness and Place


Hey there, thanks for checking out our blog. We thought we’d use our first post to introduce ourselves a little bit. We are a husband and wife who love great coffee and love the idea of being rooted in a “place,” which for us is the great state of Indiana and, more specifically, the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood of Indianapolis (near Broad Ripple), where we live with our kids. Here we have built out a space on our property where we can roast coffee and hopefully showcase the beauty that surrounds great coffee as well. 

Our name and really the whole concept of our business is founded on a pretty simple idea: slowing down and savoring life. Modern life and the warp-speed at which it runs can be fragmenting and exhausting. It has also hindered our ability to slow down, be present, and take in the beauty and life that surrounds us. Whether in your car, on your phone, at your computer, or on the street, a thousand voices scream out for attention every day, all day, so that it is difficult to be still and savor anything anymore.   

We have found great coffee to be a wonderful remedy for this. Roasting and brewing coffee in such a way that goes beyond a simple caffeine kick and moves you into the rich and varied flavors of a coffee bean requires attention to detail, patience, and even love. In our experience, the rewards are worth it. Besides deep, rich flavor, there is something about a great cup of coffee that leads to reflection and rootedness in a rootless world. It connects you to others and enriches and nurtures community. Not to make it sound more magical than it is, but from the farm to the cup, if you talk to “coffee people,” you will find that there is something uniquely mysterious and beautiful about coffee. It awakens and delights the senses, it nurtures contemplation, and it brings people together. That’s why we love it, and that’s why we’re doing this.